Monday, July 25, 2016

Another sexual first, at 61!

Going on a call to Ile Perrot in the suburbs, my Grindr snagged a hot and horny 24-year-old. A real sex natural, he got into pleasuring my cock and fucking me with style. I told him I usually had no erection as I get fucked, but this time it was half hard. He asked if I'd ever cum while getting fucked. I hadn't. He made it his mission to do that, and he succeeded. Wow. A first at 61 year old! I tell ya, sex just keeps getting better! (He joked he deserved a trophy.)

Friday, July 22, 2016


I got an email today from my regular cocksuckee. And I just happened to be in his neighbouhood. He has a scenario: he leaves the door to his well-decorated loft open, I enter, go to the bed -- no talking ever! -- and suck him. He's bi (I saw his pic on a dating site), about 36, and a stern-looking Latino. Shaved cock and balls, not too big, so it fits in my throat.
He lies back and covers his eyes with his arm. Partway through I lower my pants and he plays with my cock and balls, making me hard too. Eventually he jerks himself. He doesn't want me to, but I slurp up his cum. I sure enjoyed having it in my mouth and tummy today. Then I pull up my pants, go to the door, put on my shoes and leave, shutting the door behind me.

An exhibitionist youngster

Just Wednesday.... I met the most beautiful, very nice young Black man (23) from Toronto. His trip is jerking off for other men, so I took him to the Expo grounds near Habitat. He also has a very cut, medium-sized build and the ideal 8.5" uno what. And very dark skin. What a beauty, and what a lovely guy. Works in construction, too.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cocks on Campus

So here's an anecdote from my collection of penis memories I never recounted:
When I started my first year of college (1972), among the throng of students on my FIRST DAY there, was a cute one walking with his dick handing out of his fly. If it hadn't been for another guy who saw it too, I wouldn't have believed my eyes. "The guy's dick is hanging out!" I kept saying to the guy, incredulous and excited beyond belief, of course. "Ok, that's enough," he said after awhile, clearly wanting to unsee what he saw.