Monday, September 29, 2014

Small dicks: A niche market!

I wouldn't set much score on this scale
Tired of chasing after average and larger cocks and not getting anywhere? Why waste your time? There are hundreds of men living near you who almost never get a chance to chow down on a 6" or larger simply because they feel they don't have the bait for reciprocation.

Personally, I've liked small cocks for a long time now. Especially when soft. My interest really peaked this summer at Montreal's Nake Bike Ride, which I attended nude, of course. All the guys' dicks were very small -- I guess the way bike saddles pull them in. Even before we moved, there was this self-assured straight guy with a small dick standing around yakking. So hot when a man is not afraid to let others see his dick, even if it's small! 

Look at this good-looking guy on the left. If you're like me, you get hard thinking about sucking on that wee thing, making it bigger. I nearly went crazy after that ride, thinking about those small, soft dicks on unicyles belonging to young cute guys.

So that week I posted an ad online looking for small cocks. I got a reply from a young Filipino. Butch and a bit padded, he was very cute and fun. He said he had trouble getting sex because of his small dick. He kept warning me he had a small dick. All I could say was "good!" Well, I showed him a good time, even getting that little thing down the back of my throat. He'd never had THAT before. I even let him fuck me, which of course was nothing -- mostly banging. It was fun for me, getting banged by a butch young hottie, and he had the time of his life. 

A month later I got sex with two young guys in two days. The first, 17, said it was his first time. I believe it was. He really wanted to suck cock. He was a natural. He must've enacted every fantasy he ever had about sucking cock on mine. I was in heaven. It was a bit unnerving, having a kid with such a baby face going down on me, but he was so sweet and so brave.

The next day I stopped after school at noon at a 22-year-old cub's place. He was very cute, blond, with blue eyes. Everything went a bit fast, and he fucked me too. He called me daddy. I liked that.

I'm not as greedy as I used to be, so I waited another month before placing the ad again. I have a few prospects right now, including a young brown boy. Mmmm. 
Is this guy grinning because
he got a beautiful man with him
who's really excited to be
with a man with a big cock?

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