Monday, September 29, 2014

Salut, mon cop!

Gonna try to make this short and sweet, as I've been putting it off since last January and it's time to close this chapter of my sex life and move on. 

When we met after New Year's of this year, Mike grilled me about what I did sexually over the break. I told him about a cock I swallowed. He was angry, saying he wasn't going to fuck me, only he did that evening, but not since. He was particularly rough leading up to it, to the point of scaring me. But I've seen too many movies to know that you can't show fear, so I pretended to be into it and resumed being affectionate with him. It worked. Over time his violence subsided. As he rolled me around in the bed, hurting me, his face looked very tired and very angry for a long time. Then it changed to hurt. Hurt, I suppose, because he felt I betrayed me. Well, he had his wife to fuck, so what about me? 

He said after that he wanted me to go for STD tests. He didn't understand incubation periods. He was unreasonable and ignorant. I don't really want to go on. I'll just say that the rest of the winter and up to April was spent with me servicing him, massaging him, and blowing him as he worked my ass with his hand, sometimes fisting me. And man could he work my ass! I never had so much pleasure there before in my life. 

I haven't seen him since April. I texted him from time to time over the summer, but we never got together. Finally, with no more encouragement from him, I gave up. It was a good run. Three "seasons" of being a cop's bitch. I'm pretty over being in love with him. After all, being in love is just a bunch of endorphins flooding the brain. I suppose if he texted me and ordered me to go see him tonight, I'd go. After all, it's only sex. And he's a cop. And big and beautiful. And he can really work my ass.

Meanwhile, I discovered a new outlet: young guys with small dicks. More on that in the next installment. 

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