Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm a Real Bottom Now

So, at the grand old age of 58, I've become a bonerfide [sic] bottom. Many men have tried in the past, and it's not as though I haven't derived a great deal of pleasure on occasion, but no one's ever been able to make me beg for more until now. (Well, there was that Latino whom I spurned when he was a fem only to come back incognito as a butch and fuck me good then reveal himself to me.)

So now a butch -- a big tough cop, as a matter of fact -- 10 years my junior spent two years patiently breaking me in, and now it's paying off. For me especially. 

He was tired this week and wanted a massage. No lights. I said I wanted to see his beautiful face and body. He was adamant. He had to fuck me first, of course, that frenzied gotta-get-off fucking doggie-style he always starts with. Confident, I thrust my ass against him, and felt it by my prostate. Yum. And every day since I want it again. Just like the last couple weeks. I'm addicted to it. Even though I didn't get to ride him again, I'm wanting it so bad in my ass. Wanting him. Wanting his cop cock deep inside, pleasuring me.

I'm a real bottom now. Mike's bottom. :-)

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