Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birthday Presents!

I texted him the weekend before his birthday, asking if he needed a good birthday present from me. 10:30 pm, was his reply. He called me from a store later to know what size shirt I wore. He wanted to give me my birthday present from last spring because we hadn't seen each other. I wasn't to give him anything. Nevertheless, I snipped the last yellow rose from my garden for him. He said he would give it to his wife. I balked! But this way he could enjoy it at home instead of leaving it in his mancave, which he now sublet to a friend.

When I got there I saw laid out on the table a white Oxford weave Arrow shirt and a bold red tie. I had asked for a red tie because I wanted a power tie. A power tie on the older businessman he wants to overpower. I put it on right away.

We had a wonderful birthday evening. He came three times, too: twice in my ass and once in my throat. The second time he fucked my ass he had my legs in the air, doing it from the front. It didn't hurt, but I felt no pleasure, either. Until he came. I opened my eyes as he exploded inside me, his face concentrated and contorted, changing shape and him grunting then almost shouting. I laughed in joy, then he laughed too. I exclaimed how much I loved that, seeing and feeling him come.

There was a lot more to the birthday evening, but I don't remember much now. Just that it was very fulfilling for both of us. 

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