Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm a Real Bottom Now

So, at the grand old age of 58, I've become a bonerfide [sic] bottom. Many men have tried in the past, and it's not as though I haven't derived a great deal of pleasure on occasion, but no one's ever been able to make me beg for more until now. (Well, there was that Latino whom I spurned when he was a fem only to come back incognito as a butch and fuck me good then reveal himself to me.)

So now a butch -- a big tough cop, as a matter of fact -- 10 years my junior spent two years patiently breaking me in, and now it's paying off. For me especially. 

He was tired this week and wanted a massage. No lights. I said I wanted to see his beautiful face and body. He was adamant. He had to fuck me first, of course, that frenzied gotta-get-off fucking doggie-style he always starts with. Confident, I thrust my ass against him, and felt it by my prostate. Yum. And every day since I want it again. Just like the last couple weeks. I'm addicted to it. Even though I didn't get to ride him again, I'm wanting it so bad in my ass. Wanting him. Wanting his cop cock deep inside, pleasuring me.

I'm a real bottom now. Mike's bottom. :-)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Last night my cop made love to me. More than usual. In his way. What I mean by that is he showed his love. In between the slaps on the face, the lip biting and the squeezing and headlocks, he kept asking if I was okay, and looking into my eyes as he caressed my face. I get it now why he likes to hurt me.

Ever have a good, passionate tumble with someone and you play rough, wanting to feel their body in any one you can? You press your body against his hard. You kiss him hard, you fuck him hard. Rough, man-to-man sex, where you feel glad you’re a man and you’re having sex with another man. I think now that getting rough with me has become – or maybe it always was – a way of making love. Sure, he admitted to having fantasies about overpowering  the powerful businessman, and that’s still an important part of the game.

All this anal-y-sis when I really want to say my cop FUCKING LOVES ME!!!! So much! I hope he know that I love him too. He asked me again why I do this, service him. I told him all the reasons. I don’t think I’m convincing. Maybe I’m still skeptical about love, afraid of letting him know I love him because past patterns always seemed to end in heartache. But it’s been two years now, two years of great sex, passion, him talking me into getting back with him, me begging to take me back (at a different time), separation, even two evenings of lacklustre trysts. He’s so kind, sincere, loving, lovingly rough, masterful, and beautiful. Oh, so beautiful. I don’t know if there’ll be anything to say anymore. I never know what will be next. Always a mystery. I’m his humble slave, and I’m richly rewarded.

Oh, and last night, immediately after coming in my throat, he had me sit on his cock and ride him. For the first time, it felt fucking good! Real good. He loved it to, coaxing me to ride it up and down: "Fuck me!" he ordered. I was really feeling it where I'm supposed to! Yahoo!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birthday Presents!

I texted him the weekend before his birthday, asking if he needed a good birthday present from me. 10:30 pm, was his reply. He called me from a store later to know what size shirt I wore. He wanted to give me my birthday present from last spring because we hadn't seen each other. I wasn't to give him anything. Nevertheless, I snipped the last yellow rose from my garden for him. He said he would give it to his wife. I balked! But this way he could enjoy it at home instead of leaving it in his mancave, which he now sublet to a friend.

When I got there I saw laid out on the table a white Oxford weave Arrow shirt and a bold red tie. I had asked for a red tie because I wanted a power tie. A power tie on the older businessman he wants to overpower. I put it on right away.

We had a wonderful birthday evening. He came three times, too: twice in my ass and once in my throat. The second time he fucked my ass he had my legs in the air, doing it from the front. It didn't hurt, but I felt no pleasure, either. Until he came. I opened my eyes as he exploded inside me, his face concentrated and contorted, changing shape and him grunting then almost shouting. I laughed in joy, then he laughed too. I exclaimed how much I loved that, seeing and feeling him come.

There was a lot more to the birthday evening, but I don't remember much now. Just that it was very fulfilling for both of us.