Wednesday, March 13, 2013

As good a master as any slave could have

My cop was very rough last night. In fact, that's all he was. Until after he came. The second time.

He had me on my knees to suck him and rub my head in his balls the moment I walked in the door. Before long he ordered my to turn around. He slapped me around a bit then forced my suit trousers down -- slowly enough not to rip them. I tried to open them but he wouldn't let me. He slid them down to my knees, whipped my coattails up and banged the shit out of me until he came. After, I went for some water while he lay back on the bed. He ordered me to come back and suck him. I obeyed, forcing his thick cock deep down into my throat, forcing the tough walls to give. He moaned. I knew I was pleasing him. In between he jerked himself, eventually coming with a great orgasm and just a drop of sperm.

"I fucked my wife before coming here," he explained after, as we lay down on the bed together. "Were you as rough with her as you are with me?" I asked. He once said he was rougher with her than was with me. I don't know. I don't know much about what women can take.

He admitted he was afraid he was too rough for me. I said no, I loved it. The truth is, I felt despondent, kind of low. It was anticlimactic to The Perfect Night last Thursday, and it had to be. Perfect nights don't last forever. It was okay. He went on to say that sometimes he's afraid of being too rough because of the way he feels about me. I told him not to. That I am his slave and he is to do what he wants with me. The best part is that, after all the rough stuff, I could still feel his love and affection for me. He fell for me a long time ago, even before I fell for him, and despite my withdrawals from him of last summer and the fall before, his feelings have endured. I trust him.

After he came the first time, in my ass, I joked that that was what he did to punks on the job. He said he never wanted to take the chance and lose his job. I wondered aloud if other cops, did. "Oh oui," he replied. "Mais pas moi." (But not me.) 

He admitted that that's what he fantasizes about when he jerks off. And that's had me thinking ever since: I'm the partner he can enact his fantasies on. Sure, it was obvious all along that he was letting out a need in him on me. But now I see the impersonal part of it. The naked truth. But the truth is also that he is very fond of me and very appreciative of what I let him do and do for him. He always thanks me at least a few times as we part and then again in a text once I'm home. It's okay. I needed and wanted the descendo to last week's crescendo. Now I don't crave him quite as badly, which is healthy for me.

It's okay. He's a good man, very much in control -- even of himself. He's as good a master as any slave could have.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A perfect night

Last night was one of the absolute best times with my cop. After wondering if our Thursday eve. tryst was going to happen or not, and after sending a couple of unanswered emails, including a :-(, I finally got an answer at 20:12: 
This represents me. Maybe
 if I lost some fat off my face...

Mike -- Je suis libre après 22 h seulement oui ou non? ou un autre jour ? (Not free  until after 10 pm yes or no? or another day?)

Me -- Oui
Me -- :-)

He loves it when I send him cochon (pig) emails. So earlier this week I wrote this:

Me -- Does your big cop cock need to be sucked long and hard this evening? Your huge balls need an expert tongue massage, like only our horny slave can do? Do you need a tight, hungry hole to ram your horny cock into?
Just give the order, master, and your adoring slave will gladly do all those things -- and more.

Mike -- Mmmmmmmm oui mon beau. [Still in French] I'm free Thursday evening if all goes well. I'm at work now. Bonne soirée

I like the simple text he sends when I'm waiting outside his fuckpad:

Me -- Je suis là. (I'm here)
Mike -- Rentre (Enter)

It's always Rentre. A command. :-) I live for his orders: Lick me. Suck me. Suck me hard! Lick me all over. And my favourite, Kiss me.

Then I feel nervous. Not sure why. Combination of excitement at seeing the man I love so much, and nervousness about what he's going to do to me, maybe. For awhile now I must enter wearing my blue suit with the white shirt he gave me. And my fedora. He loves the way I look in that.

He was tired. Just got of his last shift of a few hard days. He just wanted to relax and have me service him. My pleasure! Your pleasure is my pleasure, Master!

He lay on his back. He told be to lay on top of him. In my suit, without the jacket. He was grinning all over. I guess he's really an ordinary-looking guy, but to me he's the most beautiful man, especially when he's happy like that. ''You look like a boy,'' I said. He replied that he felt like that because of all the things I was going to do to him. ''My Burt Lancaster,'' I added. We talked a bit about different things. in between hard, tonguey kisses. 
Mike's blue eyes are warmer,
full of love
He had me kiss him. And kiss him more. He bit my lip. He gazed into my blue eyes with his blue eyes on and off. Exquisite. So was the kissing. I rubbed my cock against his.

Eventually, the work began. He needed a massage. I'm no masseur, but I've been getting to know his big, beautiful body so well that I felt I was instinctively giving him what he need. He said it was good. By the time I got to his legs and feet, I realized how his big 6-2 body was in great shape, for all the knocks he's taken on the beat. Strong and resilient. Then he had me lick his feet. That's something I'm kinda squeamish about, but I will never disobey him. I want to obey his every command. I love that. Subjecting my will to his. I'm been so amazed at how sexually and emotionally satisfying that is for me. I love to serve... and service.

His feet were salty. I wondered if he had washed them. But he's usually very clean. Cop feet, I thought. Feet that chase criminals, stand tough in front of punks, hold up this magnificent body.

Then he started recording me doing him on his smart phone. I've always liked the camera. I love to give a show. The camera makes me even more inspired to pleasure him. He commands me to lick his leg up to his cock. I do, looking at his legs, the camera and his watching face. He has me lick his hole. Hesitant, because I could smell shit a bit, I forced myself to plunge in. After all, he licked me out once when I wasn't very clean there, a long time ago, then made me kiss him. That pig is such a pig. 

So I pleasured him there until he turned over. ''Suck me,'' he commanded, still recording. My practice and practice on taking his thick cock was really paying off. I was able to give him exactly what he wanted, anticipate every want and desire, shove it down my throat without gagging, not scrape my teeth. ''Lick my balls.'' He loves that. And I bet no one has ever pleasured his balls like I do. I lick and lick like a big wolf cub. Dripping with sweat and saliva around my mouth and chin, I use my whole face to massage and work every part of his massive balls. I vacuum up one at a time into my mouth and suck and pull. ''Oh oui, oh oui!' he moans, still recording. 

Eventually he leaps up and tells me to get up. I get into doggy position, expecting to get slammed. Instead, he sits on a wooden stool I'd never seen before. ''Suck me,'' he commands. I go at it, the phone under the floor, recording. He fucks my face, I fuck his cock with my mouth. I take him deep. Then it becomes clear -- he want to come this way. And he starts. So magnificent when he does. A majestic build-up, first a  little bit of sperm, a little bit of grunting, then more and more and all that sweet, sweet cop cum in my mouth. I read his needs and release his cock from my mouth, sucking the last of the juice out of his slit quickly, just to get it and give a little -- but not too much -- sensation. 
I looked like that a long time ago.

It has been a long, long time since I really tasted sperm. I rolled it around in my mouth, tasting all of it. So fresh, sweet, so good tasting. It seems like the best I've ever tasted in all my life. 

As always, he goes to the kitchen sink to clean his dick (even after fucking me that's where he cleans his cock!). He comes back, lies on the bed next to me, and reviews the video. I look good. Pleasuring him. After a while, he has me lie on my side with my head in his massive arm and on his shoulder. We talk some more. I told him I loved that he could be both rough and gentle, very caring. I said a lot of men are just rough. He chuckled at that.

He asked me a lot of questions about my work, translating and writing; how much I charge, how I figure it out, etc. He never asked me so many questions before. I felt self-conscious answering them because of the little smile he had on his face and the way he looked into my eyes. He wasn't really listening to all the answers. He just wanted to look at me, drink me in. Like I do him. We were speaking in French, and at one point I said Châlisse, a Québécois swear word. He laughed, saying he never heard me swear in French before. I know that it often sounds funny for Québécois to hear English speakers swear in French. 

Even though he didn't fuck me, on the drive home I felt like I was floating, like I always do after a session with Mike. Shortly after I got home, after getting out of my suit, I heard his text arrive. Shit, I thought, I forgot to text him that I'd gotten home. No matter. He was hoping that I'd arrived safely and thanked me, like he always does.

Such a rough and giving man. I am so lucky to have this experience. The best ongoing sex I've ever had.

Note: I have a life partner who condones and encourages my relationship with Mike. James has his playmate, too. James and I figured out this morning that fundamentally, we're both bottoms :-)  I love James very much. We've been together over 7 years, and our relationship is built on loving companionship with lots of laughs (and yelling!) and food. Mike is happy with his wife.

Life is good!