Monday, February 11, 2013

Police Be Mine!

It kinda seems like my cop and I had our Valentine's Day today. I texted him to say I was jonesing for big cop cock, so he had me meet him in his fuckpad as soon as I finished my work. When I got there, he said he was feeling like getting extra rough, since he was on vacation -- he hadn't had an idiot punk to rough up for over three weeks! 

Don't get me wrong -- it's not like he's ever gonna beat me up bad. He has perfect control over what he does and sometimes asks me if he "hurt" me. Well, that's what I want, don't I! Nevertheless, in between slaps to the face, bites and cutting off my oxygen, he caresses my face lovingly and gazes into my eyes. Sometimes I get scared, but I know I can trust him.

The Valentine's part started after he came (he had me sit on his cock -- and this time it didn't hurt at all!). After talking about stuff, me giving him a massage, he invited me to go eat at ... McDonald's! 

It was sort of awkward at first. In the 14 months we've been having sex together, we'd never been together outside the fuckpad before. I got the chance to observe him from afar as he went to fill the drink. I could see that if I'd never seen him before I would have found him very hot. Any guy who likes real men -- not plastic 6-pack creatures -- would. Six foot two, broad shoulders and a solid upper body, with legs proportional. Butch, rough kinda face, with all-seeing blue eyes, blond moustache, dark grey and brown hair cut military style, late 40s. [I just got a message from him saying Merci mon beau John et bonne nuit. (Thank you, my beautiful John, and good night.) I replied in kind, of course.] When it comes to his face, I'm completely biased -- to me, he's the most beautiful man in the world.

We sat and began our meal. He shoved his wrap into my face offering a taste, seemingly unaware as to how familiar that was for me! But the kinda romantic part was when he started making love with me by paying with his straw. I use the term "making love" in the 40s-song kind of way. He was poking it into my face mischievously, warning me that I better not give him any diseases! He was having fun doing it, too, and it made me laugh. It was very cute and impish. What with all the serious things we say to each other sometimes -- like how happy we are we found each other, it was fun to get silly. That seemed romantic in its way. For us.