Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pretty lucky guy

Today was the second time I saw the cop since my last blog. The first time we reached an understanding that there was to be no more fucking, and we had a very good time. Today I think we reached an understanding of what we're doing together. I like him and he likes me. We love having sex together, though I don't want to ruin it by having too much of a great thing. There's some kind of affection from both sides, but nothing that's threatening my home or his. There's more I could say there are some things even I would rather keep private.
   My partner is very comfortable with it, since he and I don't have sex. So I guess I'm the luckiest man in the world. I have a cute partner who makes me laugh me and loves to cook, and a hot, gorgeous cop who loves to have sex with me and has bit of a special feeling for me. As much as I always loved diversity when it comes to men, it's nice to have just one sex partner. 
   And of course -- he's a cop!

Kinda his build, only taller and older.