Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ode to male strippers!

Village dancers enjoy doing what we'd enjoy doing with them
Tonight I had a fabulous time at the hands of a stripper at Stock Bar. And I definitely mean that literally! As I mentioned on Stock Bar @, my birthday dancer was warm, affectionate, hot, sensuous and thoroughly focused on pleasing me. I guess I could count the number of dancers I've paid for on my ten fingers (does it count when I used to see double? ;-), because after all, it's expensive and I have to see it as a treat. 

    Speaking of getting older, Ricardo was my "32nd birthday" present. ("Thirty-two" is the age he gave me, and I like to subscribe to the notion that 22-year-olds think everyone over 30 is 32.) He just seemd to love thrusting his hot body against mine, fondling me, squeezing my dick through my jeans, and even biting my pecs. He gave me such a workout that I came out of the booth sweating like the pig I am!  
    All five of the dancers I hired over the past two years (Dominic was at Campus) were equally warm and hot. I mean, they were really human, and treated me like one.
    What I really admire is that, with the exception of Tran, they were all straight! You wonder, how could a straight guy manhandle (my favourite verb in the whole world!) other guys? Well, there's the money.... 
    I used to resent them not being gay, until the one after Tran. I thought, what a wonderful thing he's doing, giving his body and affections like that, and making an older man feel good. When I was young I used to get all the hot guys I wanted, but not now. And I miss holding different young man in my arms, feeling their perfection and masculinity. So to get to do this, even if it costs me around $100 each time, provides me with some wonderful therapy. Connects me with my youth, when I was having guys other young guys  two or three times a week. I love men and everything about them. I especially love them naked! 
   So, here's to you, strippers! Some of you should  be sainted. And may you all get all the hot women you want. XOX   

PS I love you, Ricardo! ;-)

I love strippers so much I married one! Seriously, Jimmy, my partner of 7 years, was a stripper at Taboo way before I met him. :-)

Photo: Male Strippers 101: Montreal vs. Ottawa (Ottawa Boy Toy Blog)

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