Friday, February 18, 2011

Some Sex Blogs

I've been looking for sex blogs to link to. I'd already found the superbly written Tales of a Massage Therapist by Italian-Torontonian Mark Russo (peeing at left). I think he's writing some important stuff. And personally,  I've always preferred literary porn to visual.

This week I found Le blogue Gay Naturiste from France. I like any site dedicated to public nudity and exhibitionism. He has an interesting selection of categories and pics, like this "bucheron nu" (naked lumberjack"). The blogger also has a fun site called Gay Naturiste Homme.

"Bûche" is my new hottie of all hotties. I've had men like him, and I've enjoyed every hairy, fleshy square inch of them. I hope he comes to Quebec to a forest near me. Hey wait, I live on the edge of a forest. Maybe I'll come across him one day.

Anyway, I added Cigar Smoking Hunks for Jimmy, my partner. Smoke is his thing. It's also an amateur site and another niche. There are a lot of sites promoting porn stars, but I prefer the true amateur's touch. 

Might mention Priape's blog, the Montreal-based sex shop and mail-order store. (Maybe they'll advertise on Nice pics with text that sometimes go further than mere product descriptions, like the one on masturbation. Some are in French, some are in English. 


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