Thursday, January 27, 2011

Opening night!

I'm dragging bf of six years to the matinee tomorrow aft. I might need a gag to stop myself from telling him "I was there" and "I did that." The poor guy was only born in 1976, after all. And I'm afraid it will be a real straight story, kinda like my very first time at Lime Light. I was 18, so the year was 1973. Gabby, my Hong-Kong girl friend, brought me there. It was only my second time at a "gay" bar. She'd brought me to another mixed bar, Love, above the Gay Apollo male strip bar on Guy Street. There were so many young, cute guys at the Lime Light. It took me a long time to get up the courage to ask one to dance. His reply? "Fuck off!" Maybe that's why, once the Jardin opened, I always preferred all-gay bars.

Some buzz about the movie: The Lime Light has its own page. If you click on "Historique," you'll see some pics. One is of the cops on the street, like they were raiding on Truxx (gay), which they regularly did. Maybe it was the night there were so many people spilling out of the Lime Light into the street to watch the show there, that the police decided not to cart anyone away. All those witnesses.

Here's a good blog entry at Disco Delivery, which led me to Patti Schmidt, who, on her CBC Radio 2 show Inside the Music (blog), recently aired a 53-minute doc: Funkytown: The Montreal Disco Era (file to download). Apparently, Montreal was the secondmost "important" disco town after NYC. I never knew it was important, but I can honestly say that my time spent dancing and cruising in the 70s, 80s and even the 90s were the best times of my life.

Also, the official Funkytown site and, of course, their Facebook page. Like I said, they make it look a little too grittily straight. For me, it was all about boys, dancing, beer and fabulous lovemaking for hours in east-end two-storey flats and downtown highrises. With the cold, cold night safely kept away by the warm, hot body I was with.

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