Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More clubs

I was at getting my hair cut by Jean-Patrice at Mohawk today, and we were remembering more clubs: Le Rendez-vous, PJ's on Peel Street, Laurelei and Reflexions (which we called Rejexions, of course). Have we left anything out? 


  1. Now it's MBurger, on Drummund Street just north of de Maisonneuve on the east side. When i was in CEGEP it was a St.James Pub. But in between, it was a gay bar called Baccarat (sp?).
    I remember dancing there in my canary yellow Shetland wool sweater over a white button-down shirt and a red bandana tied around my neck. And being very very warm. But i had to wear my layers. It was all about the outfit.

  2. I was trying to remember that one. I called it Taccarat. So cheezy, full of preppy wannabes trying to 80s it up. But you turned out okay, Tank.

  3. There was what was probably a very short-lived sex club of sorts across the street from Baccarat in an old greystone townhouse with wooden Corinthian columns flanking the front door. It's still standing.
    The ground floor was a regular bar. But apparently, if you paid the waiters/barmen extra, you could take them upstairs and do anything with them.
    "ANYTHING?!?!?" we giggled. We were very young and didn't really know what "anything" was. But it seemed scary and exciting and we were titillated. Not that we saw or knew anyone who actually did it.

  4. One cannot leave out Bud's. I was probably just on the edge of being ready to go to a leather bar when it was promptly raided and shut down in advance of the visit of Pope John Paul II. I guess JP2 wanted to be able to have a beer without being solicited by other patrons.

  5. I didn't know about that, Tank! I wonder if I would have had the nerve to go. Being young, we really didn't have money for that, did we?

    Bud's. Right. I really preferred dancing, but it was there and easy to pop into from Le Jardin. I had one unpleasant experience there. I'd started to go into the (really cheezy) strip club that was on the ground floor of Limelight at the time. I was following the doorman through the long entrance passage when I changed my mind. Without telling him, I turned around and went back outside. That really seemed to tick the doorman off, and he tore after me, yelling. I ducked into Bud's, ran downstairs and tried to get lost among the crowd. I ran into a friend, and as we were talking, the crazed doorman came out of nowhere and popped me one in the jaw. The next day, I called one of the extremely few gay rights groups of the time (Fo was only in high school back then ;-). All the guy on the phone could say, was that I could hardly expect all gays to boycott the bar, now could I. I hadn't asked for that, but I was looking for a little support. SO, you see, beneath this nellie exterior is a really toughened faggot.

  6. Oh the days of yore - more like the days of score!
    I fondly remember the Lime Light, Lorelei, Apollo, PJ's, Buds. Those were the days!
    I met my first boyfriend there (a REAL biker-which turned out to be quite exciting yet very scary) and the second (actually at the same time) was one of the drag queens from Lorelei. I was working as a busboy (11:00 p.m. - 7 a.m. shift) at that time at the Britton Restaurant. Anybody remember Angie (drag queen) from Laurelei or Lucille (wanna-be drag queen - LOL) - waitress (or should I say fixture) at the Britton Restaurant.

  7. Days of score! Good one. And great story! Like your biker-dragqueen juxtaposition, around the same time I was an extra in two movies: one as a marine in a Hollywood movie, and the other as a drag queen in a local film by B'char Habib (I think that's his name)
    I was a Lentzo's brat myself, and remember waitress female drag queen Cécil sitting at our table declaring "Oh, my dogs hurt!"

  8. I suddenly remembered Le Rocombole. I think I have bad memories from that.