Monday, July 25, 2016

Another sexual first, at 61!

Going on a call to Ile Perrot in the suburbs, my Grindr snagged a hot and horny 24-year-old. A real sex natural, he got into pleasuring my cock and fucking me with style. I told him I usually had no erection as I get fucked, but this time it was half hard. He asked if I'd ever cum while getting fucked. I hadn't. He made it his mission to do that, and he succeeded. Wow. A first at 61 year old! I tell ya, sex just keeps getting better! (He joked he deserved a trophy.)

Friday, July 22, 2016


I got an email today from my regular cocksuckee. And I just happened to be in his neighbouhood. He has a scenario: he leaves the door to his well-decorated loft open, I enter, go to the bed -- no talking ever! -- and suck him. He's bi (I saw his pic on a dating site), about 36, and a stern-looking Latino. Shaved cock and balls, not too big, so it fits in my throat.
He lies back and covers his eyes with his arm. Partway through I lower my pants and he plays with my cock and balls, making me hard too. Eventually he jerks himself. He doesn't want me to, but I slurp up his cum. I sure enjoyed having it in my mouth and tummy today. Then I pull up my pants, go to the door, put on my shoes and leave, shutting the door behind me.

An exhibitionist youngster

Just Wednesday.... I met the most beautiful, very nice young Black man (23) from Toronto. His trip is jerking off for other men, so I took him to the Expo grounds near Habitat. He also has a very cut, medium-sized build and the ideal 8.5" uno what. And very dark skin. What a beauty, and what a lovely guy. Works in construction, too.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cocks on Campus

So here's an anecdote from my collection of penis memories I never recounted:
When I started my first year of college (1972), among the throng of students on my FIRST DAY there, was a cute one walking with his dick handing out of his fly. If it hadn't been for another guy who saw it too, I wouldn't have believed my eyes. "The guy's dick is hanging out!" I kept saying to the guy, incredulous and excited beyond belief, of course. "Ok, that's enough," he said after awhile, clearly wanting to unsee what he saw.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

And we lived happily ever after

Things are back to normal. We see each other every two weeks or so, and we've even seen each other this summer. Things are better, too. I'm still in love, and the arrangement suits me perfectly.